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Moms & Dad’s anniversary is arriving, don’t know what to do...what to gift them... they have everything by God’s grace, what will make them happy... was the only thing on my mind.. “Happy”.. Yes, why don’t we gift them happiness. We thought of gifting them beautiful moments of their life...Here we go...

 A calm, poised yet tomboyish girl got married to a hardworking movie freak without even seeing him before marriage... seriously???  What do think is going to happen next... stay tuned ;)

Mrs & Mr Shantilal - Fifty years of togetherness.. Doesn’t it sound like a yash raj film’s teaser ;) Yesssss, so better stay tuned ;)

This is a beautiful gift from the children of Mrs. & Mr. Shantilal on the beautiful occasion of their

50th anniversary.

The “After” Love Story

Pyaar ,Pyaar ka kya hai... “Pyaar to bas ho jaata hai “ (DTPH) this was on their mind when they tied the knot on 24th April 1966 and are still madly in love with each other.

Our Heroine, Ms.Santri Bai then 18 yrs old loved playing Gulli Danda on the streets, helping neighbours but never was that typical kitchen stuck kinda girl.. but mind you she was a keen observer that was the biggest boon in her life. She loved assisting her dad who was a kind of vaidyaji. She studied till 5th standard in gujrati medium and couldn’t study further coz that was the limit in the village Guda Balotan .

Our Hero, Mr. Shantilal then 20 yrs was a movie freak, it was like bollywood was running in his veins.. He studied till 7th grade then discontinued... Then moved to Nellore in search of a better living...He started working at the age of 11 yrs ( No there were no child labour regulations then) he still remembers the English poem he learnt in his 7th grade “ oh look at the moon” , how sweet isn’t it ? He wasn’t even aware when his engagement got fixed and with whom ?????? all he received was a letter from his Dad stating that he got engaged. He was just 18 then. Our apna mehnati hero, then thought ki “jab shaadi hogi to jayyenge to khud ki car me hi” ( will go to marriage in own car).. Like they say “ Shiddat se kisi cheez ko chaho to poori kayanat use tumhe milane ke liye jut jaati hai “ (" when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” ) and our beloved hero went to Rajasthan in his Pink Fiat to get his dulhaniya... is’nt it lovely

Santri bai along with Shantilal moved to Nellore post marriage and since then there has been no looking back. This was the perfect Jodi, one could have ever imagined... Mr. Shantilal was very hardworking, determined he knew that he wanted a better life for his wife and had worked very hard to achieve what he has achieved today... wait wait wait... this could not have been possible without the love and support of his lady love. He used to return back home late in the nights , keep moving in different villages, near by areas but our heroine was so supportive, she never had demanded even time, leave alone material things. She would cook even in the midnight without any frown if the need had arised... so in otherwords, coming back to home was the biggest stress buster for our hero. He could openly discuss his work and would also involve her in work to a certain extent. Ego was never part of their relationship.. But without a little tutu mai mai no relationship is complete Trust, Love and Respect for each other keeps their relationship young and alive even after 50 years ... you can actually see them blush when they read this ;)

Calendar Moments

Married on: 24th April 1966

30th Sep 1972 : this day their first baby(son) was born after 7 years of their marriage... they just went crazy... celebrations were all over the village. First holi function ( dhoond) was celebrated in a big way, bhang, colors, sweets and what not. ... He was so cute and was labelled a foreigner by many J BTW he had many tantrums

18th Sep 1974: Birth of first daughter... Chubby and cute .. and always hungry ;)

6th April 1976: birth of 2nd son... An ideal child... a total no non-sense.. maa ka taara

31st Dec 1977: Birth of their youngest daughter ... she was the cry baby of the house and ofcourse being the last one was quite loved by everyone

Monsters : These four monsters have now turned into responsible citizens of the country :P For the records their names are Shankar, Pramila, Kamlesh, Rinku (Descending Order)

New additions to the family : Pinky, Anil & Vaishali

1996-2015: the start of new generation..... being grand parents... Btw these little monsters are Akhil, Mini, Jay, Rahil, Kshiti, Rishabh & Darsh

Family moments

Santri bai loves the company of God and never misses going to the temple before even having a sip of water... She takes like 45 min in temple.. so who took care of the kids while she was away ? Yes, our hero pampered his kids big time. He would wake them up with Hot Milk strained atleast three times so that no malai comes in between milk and his children ;) then by the time they would get ready madam wd be back.

He loved polishing his children’s shoes and make them wear their shoes with a lot of comfort... they were 8+ by then Heights of pampering someone

He would peel an orange to the extent that his children have only the pulp of orange.. they were used to their pappa’s pampering and mommy would obviously not like it... so here comes their tutu mai mai moment

Momma darling had her own ways of pampering, not screaming at children no matter what.. she followed a simple philosophy i will correct them/suggest them once if they don’t listen it is their life and they are responsible for themselves. This was her way of pampering;) Children had a gala time being pampered

Every year they would make it a point to go out on a vacation and spend quality time with family

Relationship Highlights

They don’t call each other by names till date ... “hobadje” “hobdon” ( suno, suniye in hindi)

He is obsessed with white khadi shirts & white trousers. She washes his white clothes till date without complaining ... this gives her a lot of satisfaction

They love each other’s company the most , also they love pulling each others leg the most ;)

They Blushhhh even after 50 years J

He still makes it a point not to hurt her, in short he is very careful about it .... How Sweet

Our dilwala took his dulhaniya out to the dream honeymoon destination of any girl.....to SWITZERLAND... How romantic

We love you

Mom & Dad, you mean the world to us . We have seen your love growing by each day, your respect for each other..... you are just too good.... You are an example of a perfect couple... We wish that every couple in this world be like you and their life will be filled with happiness .

You are the Best !!!! Love you Loads !!!! - Your four monsters

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